Cardelli La nostra famiglia


Danilo Cardelli

Danilo Cardelli is the founder of the winery and he deals with all that concerns wine and vineyards.


Marika, Danilo’s wife, attends to the commercial and social part of the winery.

Our family

Our Family

Cardelli Danilo agricultural holding has a peculiar story, different from the other wineries. It does not have a centuries-old tradition with generations of winemakers. It was born in 2012 when Danilo, born and grew in Albaretto Torre, farmer as a vocation, decided with his wife Marika to share the wine of his land with the rest of the world.

A passion for the countryside, for the vineyards and for the wine that was born inside him. Since he was young, his passion became a job. At the beginning for the other local producers and subsequently for his own agricultural holding. Danilo takes care personally of the vineyards. He is devoted all year long to take care of his vineyards, and he does his job with the devotion of a person who believes in what nature can offer. The treatments applied to fight grapes diseases are respectful of the plants during the vegetative cycle. Moreover, Danilo uses types of products that are not aggressive, in this way he preserves the genuineness of the grapes. Furthermore, the strategic position of is lands (500-600 meters above sea level) help his job. In fact, thanks to the constant ventilation of the territory, Danilo has to make fewer treatments to his vineyards in comparison with the average of the other wine producers.

The passion for agriculture and for the place where he lives and in he grew up remains the thread of Danilo’s commitment to his holding. He is a farmer who believes in what he does and he tries to grasp the most of what nature has placed at his disposal.